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  • Industrial Radiation ProtectionTo protect the safety and health of staff in high radiation industrial production environment, we have produced a series of industrial radiation protection equipment. The products can be divided into four types to resist different doses and types of radioactive sources with different protection method. They are industrial or medical radiation shield ...
  • Medical Radiation ProtectionThe medical protective door adopts sliding structure to provide a large area of radiation protection. It is smooth in operation, effective in protection, and easy in maintenance for long term use. The medical protective coating can be applied on complex curved surfaces and tiny corners to create complete protection effect, and also improves the accuracy of medical diagnostic tests.

X Ray, Gamma Ray Radiation Protection Equipment

The X ray, gamma ray radiation protection equipment is especially designed for some industrial and medical fields with high radiation dose. Due to the high lead purity, it has good protective effect against high energy ray such as X ray and gamma ray, which meets the radiation protection manufacturing standards in China.

Our product effectively adapts the characteristic that industrial production has a wide spread of radiation protection requirements. The lead box, lead sheet, lead door, lead house basically cover all scales of industrial protection, and are ideal for nuclear facilities and industrial high energy facilities. The lead box can be used in the transportation of radioactive sources.

We also produce medical radiation protection equipment such as gloves, gowns, caps, and glasses to provide comprehensive personal radiation protection. The medium thickness of lead sheet can effectively protect medical staff from radiation damage, and it will not impede their medical work. At some tiny corners, barium sulfate protective coating can be applied to create an entirely safe radiation protection system with protection doors.

We are a professional X ray, gamma ray radiation protection equipment manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including glass annealing furnace, enamel glass mosaic tile production line, atmosphere experimental electric furnace, and more.

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  • Glass Production LineDue to reasonable design, the glasswork produced by our glass production line has colorful appearance and good uniformity, and the color will not fade after long-term use. The lines with high power can meet your needs in time-limiting large-scale production, while normal customers can also control the power consumption to increase profits.
  • Glass Annealing FurnaceThe glass annealing furnace is designed to realize the annealing process of quartz glass, optical glass, domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot, and cup, microcrystal glass plate and other glasswork. This annealing furnace series takes advantage of uniform furnace temperature and reasonable heating speed to heat and cool glasswork.
  • Box Experimental Electric FurnaceWe choose polycrystal mullite ceramic fiber as the furnace material. It sports good heat insulation and preservation property, small heat capacity, fast heating speed, short experiment cycle, and low energy consumption. Thanks to the intelligent digital display programmable temperature controlling instrument, it can realize full-automatic heating and preservation process ...
  • Atmosphere Experimental Electric FurnaceThe atmosphere experimental electric furnace is a modified box experimental electric furnace. Protective gas is conveyed through pipelines to fulfill the whole furnace. The furnace is made of ceramic fiber. It is characterized by small heat capacity, fast heating speed, easy and safe operation, and high temperature controlling accuracy (±1ºC).
  • Life Type Experimental Electric FurnaceThe life type experimental electric furnace adopts electric motor (loading capacity 30kg) and hydraulic lifting system (loading capacity 800kg). The furnace mouth faces downward, and can be opened during high-temperature recycling process. The fiber material is characterized by fast heating speed, high temperature controlling accuracy (within ±1℃), and good heat insulation property.