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  • Original Electric Components, ThermocoupleOur products widely cover all kinds of original electric components and thermocouple products such as heating wire, quartz tube, stainless steel heat pipe, electric heating coil, ribbon heater, silicon carbide rod, silicon molybdenum rod, thermocouple, high temperature wire, and thermocouple wire.
  • Refractory Materials, Insulation MaterialsOur company produces various refractory materials and insulation materials such as ceramic fiber board, insulating cotton, insulating brick, fireproof brick, and crucible. Our materials have good comprehensive performances including high temperature, corrosion, thermal shock resistance, and long service life.
  • Electronic Ceramic Products, Graphite ProductsThe ignition rod and ignition needle has improved ignition efficiency and thermostability. Customers can customize all kinds of ceramic ignition rod for stove, water heater, furnace, and burner. The ceramic accessory provides three different choices in the purity of alumina, namely 95%, 97%, and 99%. All the products have great corrosion and aging ...

Furnace Accessories

Our company produces all kinds of furnace accessories, including electrothermal accessories, thermocouples, fireproof materials, thermal insulation materials, electric ceramics, and graphite products, to effectively support normal operation and good product quality of our furnaces.

Because of our high demanding selection, all the materials are in good quality and performance to provide better production capacity with the same level of power consumption. With good heat, corrosion, and aging resistance, our furnace accessories can work in continuous high temperature environment, and endure sharp temperature changes. With durable furnace accessories, the maintenance of furnace is much easier and less frequent, and the job schedule is less likely to be delayed. With less maintenance cost and higher production capacity, our product is your ideal choice.

As an experienced furnace manufacturer in China, we at We also provide glass decorating lehr, box experimental electric furnace, electrothermal tunnel drying line, and much more.

Other Products
  • Glass Production LineDue to reasonable design, the glasswork produced by our glass production line has colorful appearance and good uniformity, and the color will not fade after long-term use. The lines with high power can meet your needs in time-limiting large-scale production, while normal customers can also control the power consumption to increase profits.
  • Glass Annealing FurnaceThe glass annealing furnace is designed to realize the annealing process of quartz glass, optical glass, domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot, and cup, microcrystal glass plate and other glasswork. This annealing furnace series takes advantage of uniform furnace temperature and reasonable heating speed to heat and cool glasswork.
  • Glass Decorating LehrOur glass decorating lehr is able to print pattern such as company logo on domestic glass like glass bottle and cup and art glass, and it can perform the drying on glass silk screen, glass coating, and glass spray painting. We provide instructions on installation, tuning through video materials.
    In small-scale decorating projects, customers can choose box glass decorating lehr.
  • Glass Melting FurnaceThe reasonable design of high-temperature silicon molybdenum electrothermal rods and low-voltage input mode ensures operator's safety when using the crucible electrothermal glass melting furnace. On the other hand, the crucible fuel gas glass melting furnace takes advantage of high-quality power gas burner to heat by liquefied gas and natural gas, and automatic ignition ...
  • Box Experimental Electric FurnaceWe choose polycrystal mullite ceramic fiber as the furnace material. It sports good heat insulation and preservation property, small heat capacity, fast heating speed, short experiment cycle, and low energy consumption. Thanks to the intelligent digital display programmable temperature controlling instrument, it can realize full-automatic heating and preservation process ...
  • Atmosphere Experimental Electric FurnaceThe atmosphere experimental electric furnace is a modified box experimental electric furnace. Protective gas is conveyed through pipelines to fulfill the whole furnace. The furnace is made of ceramic fiber. It is characterized by small heat capacity, fast heating speed, easy and safe operation, and high temperature controlling accuracy (±1ºC).