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  • Hot Blast Circulation Electrothermal Drying TunnelThe drying box is made up with A3 cold pressing carbon steel sheet and drawing or mirror stainless steel board. Aluminum silicate is filled between housing and working chamber. The far infrared heating tubes are installed at the bottom of drying box or in the air ducts on box sides. At the bottom mounted iron feet or pulleys (according to customers' requirements).
  • Nitrogen Protection Electric Drying TunnelThe nitrogen protection electric drying tunnel comprises of housing, working chamber, heating system, gas pressure reducing control valve, and exhaust port, etc. Thin steel sheets are welded together into the housing, and the inner wall of working chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel sheets. Aluminum silicate is filled between the housing and the working ...
  • Electrothermal Tunnel Drying LineThe electrothermal tunnel drying line is mainly used in food, chemical, electric, glass industries. It can use electrothermal heater or hot blast heater to dehydrate and dry workpiece at the maximum temperature of 300℃. The furnace is equipped with hydrofuge system and hot air circulation system, so continuous production can be realized.

Drying Equipment

To meet the needs in drying for materials in electric, chemical and glass industries, we has produced the drying equipment. It includes hot blast circulation electrothermal drying tunnel, nitrogen protection electric drying tunnel, and electrothermal tunnel drying line for different practical drying scales. The drying tunnel product has various sizes to meet your general requirements in material drying. When applied in large-scale drying, customers may choose the drying tunnel line product.

The drying equipment mainly adopts the environmental friendly electrothermal heating method to create uniform heating environment. It is widely applicable for all kinds of materials, and performs stably. The working chamber of the product is made of high-quality stainless steel board which is smooth and durable to prevent the material being damaged or scratched during the drying process. The setting of the environment of working chamber is quite simple and effective. Improved leak tightness also helps increase the utilization of heat and reduce the power consumption. We provide instructions on installation and tuning through video materials or on-site operation, and kiln accessories are also available.

We are an experienced drying equipment manufacturer in China. We offer a wide variety of products, including industrial furnace, ceramic kiln, box experimental electric furnace, mesh belt glass decorating lehr, and more.

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  • Medical Radiation ProtectionThe medical protective door adopts sliding structure to provide a large area of radiation protection. It is smooth in operation, effective in protection, and easy in maintenance for long term use. The medical protective coating can be applied on complex curved surfaces and tiny corners to create complete protection effect, and also improves the accuracy of medical diagnostic tests.