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  • Electrothermal Melting Insulation FurnaceThe electrothermal melting insulation furnace is mainly used by die-casting and pouring company in melting and temperature preservation of non-ferrous metal with low melting point such as aluminum, zinc, and correlated alloy. It has the advantages of fast heating speed, good thermal insulation, easy operation, energy saving, and environmental protection due to the new type ...
  • Fuel Oil / Gas Melting Insulation FurnaceThe fuel oil or gas melting insulation furnace can not only be used in melting and temperature preservation of non-ferrous metal with low melting point such as aluminum, zinc, and copper, but also be applied to melt aluminum scrap and industrial aluminum leftover into pieces. Due to the imported burner and new energy-saving furnace lining, this product ...
  • Insulation Eletrothermal Crucible-Free Melting FurnaceThe insulation electrothermal crucible-free melting furnace is mainly designed for aluminum die-casting companies to produce all tonnages of aluminum die-casting products. With the new fireproof material which doesn't stick aluminum, the service life can be up to 3 to 5 years. This product has a maximum service temperature ...

Industrial Furnace

Combined with all kinds of industrial die-casting machineries, our industrial furnaces can perform the melting and temperature preservation of non-ferrous metal such as aluminum, zinc, and copper. The die-casting of aluminum product is also realizable. This series includes electrothermal melting insulation furnace, fuel oil / gas melting insulation furnace, and insulation electrothermal crucible-free melting furnace.

Our industrial furnace adopts electrothermal and fuel oil heating methods. This non-pollution and low-noise product has a long service life. The materials are meticulously selected. Some models use the new fireproof material, non-stick aluminum, to effectively control the wear. Due to the design of low heat capacity and good thermal insulation, it can achieve fast, stable and uniform heating effect.

With abundant product models with different production capacity, users can choose the appropriate model based on their practical production scale to maximize the product utilization and economic benefit. Thanks to the intelligent temperature controlling system, users can operate clearly, easily, and safely, which in turn reduces the human labor cost. Compared to similar products, our industrial furnace has a distinct advantage in power consumption to dramatically reduce your production expenses.

Instructions on installation and tuning are provided through video materials or on-site operation, and kiln accessories are also provided.

As a professional industrial furnace manufacturer and supplier in China, we also produce rare earth kiln, graphite material drying equipment, box experimental electric furnace, among others.

Other Products
  • Hot Blast Circulation Electrothermal Drying TunnelThe drying box is made up with A3 cold pressing carbon steel sheet and drawing or mirror stainless steel board. Aluminum silicate is filled between housing and working chamber. The far infrared heating tubes are installed at the bottom of drying box or in the air ducts on box sides. At the bottom mounted iron feet or pulleys (according to customers' requirements).
  • Nitrogen Protection Electric Drying TunnelThe nitrogen protection electric drying tunnel comprises of housing, working chamber, heating system, gas pressure reducing control valve, and exhaust port, etc. Thin steel sheets are welded together into the housing, and the inner wall of working chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel sheets. Aluminum silicate is filled between the housing and the working ...
  • Electrothermal Tunnel Drying LineThe electrothermal tunnel drying line is mainly used in food, chemical, electric, glass industries. It can use electrothermal heater or hot blast heater to dehydrate and dry workpiece at the maximum temperature of 300℃. The furnace is equipped with hydrofuge system and hot air circulation system, so continuous production can be realized.
  • Original Electric Components, ThermocoupleOur products widely cover all kinds of original electric components and thermocouple products such as heating wire, quartz tube, stainless steel heat pipe, electric heating coil, ribbon heater, silicon carbide rod, silicon molybdenum rod, thermocouple, high temperature wire, and thermocouple wire.