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The electrothermal melting insulation furnace is mainly used by die-casting and pouring company in melting and temperature preservation of non-ferrous metal with low melting point such as aluminum, zinc, and correlated alloy. It has the advantages of fast heating speed, good thermal insulation, easy operation, energy saving, and environmental protection due to the new type energy-saving full cotton furnace lining, resistance wire or silicon carbide rod heating method, PID intelligent temperature control system, SCR module control system, and linear output method adopted.

The production cycle is 40 days.

Technical Specification
No. Item Unit Model
GR2-40-9 GR2-60-8 GR2-7-8
1 Rated Power KW 40 60 75
2 Maximum Temperature 950 1200 850
3 Service Temperature 850 -1200 850-1200 850 -1200
4 Rated Voltage V 380 380 380
5 Phase 3 3 3
7 Size of Crucible mm 300×430 500×600 500×870
9 Heating Time of Empty Furnace h <=2.5 <=2.5 <=2.5
10 Melting Aluminum Capacity kg 54 150 270
11 Outline Size mm 950×1200 1290×1380 1350×1710
12 Weight kg 1500 1740 2300

This electrothermal melting insulation furnace can acquire service temperature ranging from 850℃ to 1,200℃ in 2.5 hours with resistance wires or silicon carbide rods. The working voltage is 380V. We provide three models with different furnace sizes and melting aluminum capacity to help customers reasonably save their power consumption. The intelligent temperature controlling design also helps to save user operations and maintenance costs, thus controlling the human labor cost while creating a safe and efficient environment.

We is a specialized electrothermal melting insulation furnace manufacturer in China. Apart from fuel gas furnace, we also offer mesh belt glass decorating lehr, enamel glass mosaic tile production line, and more.

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