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  • 1200℃-1700℃ Full Automatic Fuel Gas FurnaceThe 1,200℃-1,700℃ full automatic fuel gas furnace is mainly used in the high-temperature calcining of fire-proof material, grinding tool and abrasive, alumina ceramic, magnetic material, etc. As the name indicates, the maximum service temperature is 1,700℃.
  • 1400℃ Fuel Gas FurnaceThe 1,400℃ fuel gas furnace can be applied for calcining of fireproof material, grind tool and abrasive, alumina ceramic, and magnetic material. With its traditional shuttle structure, this product is very stable and reliable. We choose self-priming Venturi nozzle and full fiber lining for this fuel gas furnace. It is also equipped with manual control and waste heat recycling system.
  • Electric Calcining Tunnel KilnThe electric calcining tunnel kiln is the main type of kiln in large-scale industrial production of structure ceramic and electric ceramic. Each tunnel is equipped with one or two push boards. The cross section of furnace is relatively small, but providing good uniformity of temperature. It can keep stable process, high production capacity, and easy operation.
  • Roller Electrothermal Tunnel Calcining KilnIn high-capacity production, the roller kiln is the first choice. The driving method of our roller electrothermal tunnel calcining kiln is helical gears driving, which is stable and reliable. It also adopts linear scale output system to save power consumption. The production cycle is 30 days.
  • Graphite Material Sintering Electric Tunnel KilnThe graphite material sintering electric tunnel kiln is mainly adopted in lithium ion battery industry. The cathode material, graphite, and the anode material, LFP are calcined under the protection of nitrogen atmosphere. The stable and reliable quality and uniform furnace temperature are widely praised by our customers. Especially, this product does a good job in energy saving.
  • Graphite Material Drying EquipmentDue to the multi temperature sections, the process curve can be adjusted flexibly. Vapor and exhaust gas can be discharged from several ports which adopts jet flow air inducing technology. The displacement can be adjusted to reduce the temperature loss. The thermal insulation material is mainly energy-saving fiber.

Rare Earth Kiln

In order to facilitate the calcining and drying for all kinds of fire-proof materials, grinding tools and abrasives, magnetic materials, and graphite, we have developed a series of rare earth kiln. Some of them adopt gas heating method, while the others adopt electrothermal method, but all of them have a long service life. With different furnace volume and number of nozzles, these models sport different daily output to meet all kinds of production requirements.

The rare earth kiln adopts several kinds of fire-proof material lining. It has virtues such as fast heating speed, good thermal insulation, and stable performance in high temperature. Some models are equipped with waste heat recycling technology to collect the wasted heat during cooling process. The nozzles are spread around to heat the furnace uniformly, so the calcining quality can be improved. Thanks to the automatic temperature controlling system, users can easily, safely, and accurately control multiple temperature controlling points, and flexibly adjust the process curve.

We provide instructions on installation and tuning through video materials or on-site operation, and also provide kiln accessories.

As a professional rare earth kiln manufacturer in China, our company offers a wide variety of products that includes graphite material drying equipment, box experimental electric furnace, glass melting furnace, and much more.

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