Full Automatic Fuel Gas Furnace

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Full Automatic Fuel Gas Furnace

The 1,200℃-1,700℃ full automatic fuel gas furnace is mainly used in the high-temperature calcining of fire-proof material, grinding tool and abrasive, alumina ceramic, magnetic material, etc. As the name indicates, the maximum service temperature is 1,700℃.

This product has introduced many advanced technologies such as electric ignition, flame failure protection, automatic temperature control, and waste heat recycling. The products produced by this new energy-saving furnace are ensured with high quality.

The production cycle is 40 days.

Technical Specification
Effective Volume of Furnace 3-60 cubic meters
Structure of Furnace Kiln car
Material of Furnace Lining Alumina cellucotton (corundum mullite brick) combined with polycrystalline mullite cellucotton
Fuel Liquefied oil gas, natural gas, coal gas
Maximum Service Temperature 1,700℃
Heating Method Hot air combustion on two sides of furnace wall
Nozzle 3-8 pairs, high-temperature speed regulation
Temperature Controlling Method Computer control, shuttle kiln automatic temperature control system, electric ignition, adjustable heating curve, flame failure protection, gas leakage protection, etc.
Smoke Extraction Method Chimney natural smoke extraction, waste heat recycling
Calcining Cycle 15-72 hours

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