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  • Fuel Gas Decorating Ceramic KilnThe fuel gas decorating ceramic kiln is mainly used in decorating firing and overglaze decorating for domestic ceramic and art ceramic. It can also be used in decorating and drying of glasswork. The maximum temperature is 1,100℃. The production cycle is 40 to 50 days.
  • Roller Domestic Ceramic Decorating KilnThe roller domestic ceramic decorating kiln is applied in decorating firing and overglaze decorating for domestic ceramic and art ceramic, and decorating and drying of glasswork. The production cycle is 40 days, and the maximum temperature is 1,100℃.
  • Ceramic Decorating Electric KilnWe have replaced the formerly used crystalline asbestos with high-quality crystalline asbestos slab. Combined with special thermal insulation lining, the outer heat loss is reduced, service life is longer, and the inner container is cleaner. Compared with traditional products with the same inner capacity, the dimension of this kiln shrinks 25%, and power consumption is reduced by 30%.
  • Refractory Material, Building Brick Calcining Tunnel KilnThe refractory material, building brick calcining tunnel kiln is mainly applied in production of construction clay brick, coal gangue brick, shale brick, slag brick, light insulating brick for furnace, etc. The length of furnace ranges form 30m to 250m, and the cross section of furnace mouth measures 0.8m to 2m. It takes natural gas or coal gas as fuel to create 900-1300℃ service temperature.
  • Ceramic Floor Tile Fuel Gas Tunnel KilnThe ceramic floor tile fuel gas tunnel kiln is mainly used in production of building materials such as western-style tile, rustic tile, and road tile. The length of furnace ranges from 30m to 150m, while the cross section of furnace mouth ranges from 0.5m to 2m. Natural gas and hot and cold coal gas from gas producer can be used. The tunnel kiln adopts rollers driving system.

Ceramic Kiln

The ceramics kiln is designed for printing and dyeing of domestic ceramic and art ceramic and production of brick, floor tile, construction tile. This product can use coal gas or natural gas to perform production and processing activities in high temperature. Intelligent temperature controlling system is widely applied in the temperature controlling process. The ceramics kiln can ignite automatically and accurately, and has the functions of automatic temperature controlling and overheating alarming. The succinct operation interface of the automatic system helps users to better monitor and control the gas pressure and working temperature. The remote operation function ensures the safety of the users.

According to the practical situations such as the factory scales, production needs, and furnace utilizations, we provide models with different furnace length and width of furnace mouth which results in various outline dimension and production and process capacity. For small-scale ceramic printing and dyeing, box type models are your ideal choices. Due to the reasonable design, the ceramic kiln sports good thermal insulation property, and it is also equipped with waste heat recycling system to save the heat and power consumption during the cooling process. So this product is very effective in saving processing cost and increasing profits in long term.

We provide instructions on installation and tuning through video materials or on-site operation, and also provide kiln accessories.

As a professional ceramic kiln manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers glass machinery, enamel glass mosaic tile production line, glass production line, and much more.

Other Products
  • 1200℃-1700℃ Full Automatic Fuel Gas FurnaceThe 1,200℃-1,700℃ full automatic fuel gas furnace is mainly used in the high-temperature calcining of fire-proof material, grinding tool and abrasive, alumina ceramic, magnetic material, etc. As the name indicates, the maximum service temperature is 1,700℃.
  • 1400℃ Fuel Gas FurnaceThe 1,400℃ fuel gas furnace can be applied for calcining of fireproof material, grind tool and abrasive, alumina ceramic, and magnetic material. With its traditional shuttle structure, this product is very stable and reliable. We choose self-priming Venturi nozzle and full fiber lining for this fuel gas furnace. It is also equipped with manual control and waste heat recycling system.
  • Electric Calcining Tunnel KilnThe electric calcining tunnel kiln is the main type of kiln in large-scale industrial production of structure ceramic and electric ceramic. Each tunnel is equipped with one or two push boards. The cross section of furnace is relatively small, but providing good uniformity of temperature. It can keep stable process, high production capacity, and easy operation.