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Life Type Experimental Electric Furnace

The life type experimental electric furnace adopts electric motor (loading capacity 30kg) and hydraulic lifting system (loading capacity 800kg). The furnace mouth faces downward, and can be opened during high-temperature recycling process. The fiber material is characterized by fast heating speed, high temperature controlling accuracy (within ±1℃), and good heat insulation property. With microcomputer controlling function, the heating, preservation, and cooling process are all performed automatically, and the program will terminate after the processes completed. The furnace has overheating protection system, so it can be unattended.

The production cycle is 40 days. There are circular types and square types for this life type experimental electric furnace. The circular furnace has two models. One of them comes with 300mm diameter and 280mm height, and the other with 200mm diameter and 200mm height. The specification of square furnace is listed as below.

Working Dimension of Furnace (mm) Voltage (V) Power (kW) Electric Controlling Accuracy (℃)
200x200x200 380 10 ± 1
300x300x300 380 16 ± 1
400x400x400 380 22 ± 1
1200x600x600 380 120 ± 1
1200x800x800 380 130 ± 1

The life type experimental electric furnace is a modified model based on the normal box experimental electric furnace, which can control the lifting of furnace. The largest model measures 1200mm×800mm×800mm. The loading capacity and furnace volume can basically meet the requirements of all kinds of experiments. The fiber material of the furnace is quite durable in long-term use. The thermal insulation property is good enough to preserve the high-temperature experimental environment to reduce the power consumption of continuous heating. We also provide abundant video material to help users to learn to use this product.

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