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Atmosphere Experimental Electric Furnace

1000℃ Atmosphere Experimental Electric Furnace
The atmosphere experimental electric furnace is a modified box experimental electric furnace. Protective gas is conveyed through pipelines to fulfill the whole furnace. The furnace is made of ceramic fiber. It is characterized by small heat capacity, fast heating speed, easy and safe operation, and high temperature controlling accuracy (±1ºC).

With the intelligent digital display programmable temperature controlling instrument, it can realize full-automatic heating, preservation, cooling, and overheat protection by drawing multi-section temperature curve of heating, preservation, and cooling process. The high-temperature resistance wire is shallow buried in the furnace wall to form heating board.

Technical Specification
Model Service Temperature (℃) Size of Furnace (mm) Power (W) Voltage (V)
TC - 10Q1 1000 200×150×150 2000 220
TC - 10Q2 1000 300×200×200 4000 220
TC - 10Q3 1000 400×300×200 6000 380
TC - 10Q4 1000 500×300×300 8000 380

1400℃ Atmosphere Experimental Electric Furnace
Special models can be customized according to customers' needs. The common models are listed as:

Model Service Temperature (℃) Size of Furnace (mm) Power (kW) Voltage (V)
TC - 14Q1 1400 200×150×150 3 220
TC - 14Q2 1400 300×200×200 6 380
TC - 14Q3 1400 400×300×200 9 380
TC - 14Q4 1400 500×300×300 12 380

The production cycle is 40 days.

There are various models of atmosphere experimental electric furnace. With larger furnace capacity and higher service temperature comes higher power consumption. This product is your ideal choice to create high-temperature experimental environment.

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  • Life Type Experimental Electric FurnaceThe life type experimental electric furnace adopts electric motor (loading capacity 30kg) and hydraulic lifting system (loading capacity 800kg). The furnace mouth faces downward, and can be opened during high-temperature recycling process. The fiber material is characterized by fast heating speed, high temperature controlling accuracy (within ±1℃), and good heat insulation property.