Vacuum Glass Strengthening Furnace

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Vacuum Glass Strengthening Furnace

The vacuum glass strengthening furnace can produce shift door glass, tempered glass, and art glass. The laminated material in dry-press process can be EVA, silk, fabric, and photo paper. The glass and materials like EVA films and photo papers are put in silicone vacuum bags, then heated and vacuumized simultaneously.

The production cycle is 30 to 40 days.

Technical Specification
Maximum Size of glass processed 2-5m long, 1-2m wide
Type Single layer single station or double stations
Maximum Service Temperature 150℃ (adjustable)
Electric Power 10-18 (kW/380V)
Heating Method Electrothermal
Heating Element Far infrared quartz tube
Temperature Controlling Method PID intelligent digital display temperature controlling, SCR module controlling, linear scale output, manual and automatic adjustment, ±1℃ accuracy.
Temperature Controlling Point 1-2 points
Accessories 1-2 sets of vacuum beds, 1 set of vacuum pump

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