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  • Building and Appliance Glass Hot Bending FurnaceThe building and appliance glass hot bending furnace is an electrothermal furnace which is mainly used in hot bending molding of domestic glass like glass tea table, TV cabinet glass and glass corner. There are two models with single station and double stations. This multi-functional furnace can easily realize flexible production.
  • Electrothermal Decorative Glass Bending FurnaceThe electrothermal decorative glass bending furnace is mainly used in hot bending hot melting molding of lighting glass, glass fruit plate, domestic glass, and art glass. It can realize large-scale continuous production. The glasswork can also be tempered. The maximum service temperature is 800℃, and the production cycle is 30 to 40 days.

Glass Hot Bending Furnace

To facilitate the high temperature bending production of domestic glass such as glass tea table, TV cabinet glass, glass corner, lighting glass, glass fruit plate, we have developed this glass hot bending furnace. Glasswork produced by our product has various shapes and flowing outlines, creating an artistic effect of glass.

Customers can choose suitable products according to their production scales. The building and appliance glass hot bending furnace is ideal for small-scale intermittent glass bending process. We provide two models with single station and double stations, which help to improve the equipment utilization, reduce cost, and increase profit. The electrothermal decorative glass bending furnace can perform continuous batch operations in large-scale process. Higher productivity can ensure the production task finished in time. This electrothermal decorative glass bending furnace adopts special 1Cr13 stainless iron or 304 stainless steel for the mesh belt, thus improving the duration and strength. Customers can neatly adjust the propelling speed of the mesh belt to increase production efficiency. Both of these hot bending furnace have PID and SCR module intelligent temperature controlling system. The bending temperature can be adjusted in accuracy of 1 degree Celsius to produce high-quality bending glasswork for modern building and service industry.

We provide instructions on installation, tuning, and practical production through video materials or on-site operation. Kiln accessories and melting crucibles are also provided to some products.

As a professional glass hot bending furnace manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer ceramic kiln, enamel glass mosaic tile production line, fuel gas furnace, among others.

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