Experimental Electrothermal Glass Melting Furnace

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Experimental Electrothermal Glass Melting Furnace

With its extreme high temperature and heating rate, the experimental electrothermal glass melting furnace is especially suitable for glass property experiments and glass formula experiments in colleges, scientific research institutes, and labs. The maximum service temperature can be as high as 1,700℃, and the heating cycle is 8h to 72h. The heating element is silicon molybdenum rob.

The production cycle is 30 to 40 days.

Technical Specification
Furnace Effective Size φ150-500mm 200-500mm tall
Furnace Structure Electric lift
Furnace Lining Material Imported high-density mullite cellucotton
Maximum Service Temperature 1,700℃ (adjustable)
Long-term Service Temperature 1,500-1,600℃
Electric Power 6-45 (kW/380V)
Heating Method Electric
Electric Heating Element Silicon molybdenum rob
Temperature Controlling Method PID intelligent digital display temperature controlling, SCR module controlling, linear scale output, manual and automatic adjustment, ±1℃ accuracy.
Temperature Controlling Point 1 point

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