Crucible Fuel Gas Glass Melting Furnace

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Crucible Fuel Gas Glass Melting Furnace

The crucible fuel gas glass melting furnace is mainly used in melting the raw material for the extrusion and blow molding of glasswork such as optical glass, lighting glass, and art glass. The maximum service temperature can reach 1,500℃. With its high production flexibility and environmental friendly and energy saving design, it is your best choice.

The kiln uses natural gas or liquefied gas to heat. Equipped with high-quality power gas burner, it can realize automatic ignition, automatic constant temperature control, and temperature adjusting. The special crucible for clay has a capacity of 30kg to 500kg. The melting temperature is down 1,450℃, and the melting cycle is 8h to 72h.

The production cycle is 60 days.

Technical Specification (Other Specification Can Be Customized)
Crucible Melting Capacity Furnace Electric Power Average Electric Power Maximum Temperature Crucible Diameter Melting Cycle Furnace Weight
150Kg 150Nm3/day 70Nm3/day 2.2Kw φ500mm 12-48h 850Kg
250Kg 180Nm3/day 90Nm3/day 2.2Kw φ870mm 24-48h 2000Kg
350 Kg 220Nm3/day 150Nm3/day 2.2Kw φ950mm 24-48h 2400Kg
500 Kg 400Nm3/day 250Nm3/day 2.2Kw φ1100mm 24-48h 3200Kg

As a specialized crucible fuel gas glass melting furnace manufacturer in China, our company also offers rare earth kiln, fuel gas furnace, atmosphere experimental electric furnace, among others.

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