Fuel Gas Glass Annealing Furnace

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Fuel Gas Glass Annealing Furnace

The fuel gas glass annealing furnace is mainly applied in the first annealing of domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot and cup and lighting glass, and it can also be used in the continuous hot bending hot melting of lighting glass and glass fruit plate. The length of furnace ranges from 18m to 60m, and the maximum service temperature is 850℃.

With our unique drive mechanism, the mesh belt can operate stably in long term. This fuel gas glass annealing furnace comes with the energy-saving and environmental friendly proportional type combustion control system. It can realize accurate temperature control to improve annealing quality. The production cycle is kept in 30 to 40 days.

Technical Speicification
Furnace Length 6-40m, segmental (according to the annealing process of the product)
Maximum Service Temperature 850℃ (adjustable)
Gas Power 15-60 kilocalorie
Electric Power 6-30 (kW/380V)
Fuel Natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas
Heating Method Muffle heating with silicon carbide radiant plate at the bottom of the high temperature section of the furnace
Smoke Extraction Method Chimney natural smoke extraction, residual-heat utilized (forced smoke extraction also available)
Nozzle Imported power nozzle
Temperature Controlling Method Automatic ignition, automatic temperature controlling, temperature adjustable, alarm on malfunction
Temperature Controlling Point 1 point
Mesh Belt Material 1Cr13 stainless iron or 304 stainless steel
Mesh Belt Speed Controlling AC excitation speed regulation or frequency conversion speed regulation
Special specification can be customized.
Model Power Temperature (℃) Controlling Method Mesh Belt Speed (mm/min) Cross Section of Furnace (mm) Length of Furnace (m)
WBT-72 150,000 kilocalorie 650 Automatic ignition 150-600 B400×H200 25-30
WBT-90 300,000 kilocalorie 650 Automatic ignition 150-600 B800×H250 30
WBT-120 500,000 kilocalorie 650 Automatic ignition 150-600 B1000×H300 36

As a specialized fuel gas glass annealing furnace manufacturer and supplier in China, We also provides mesh belt glass annealing furnace, glass strengthening furnace, box experimental electric furnace, among others.

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