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Precise Glass Annealing Furnace

The precise glass annealing furnace is mainly used in secondary processing stress relief annealing of quartz glasswork and optical glass. It adopts multi-surface heating technique to improve the uniformity of the furnace temperature. This electrothermal furnace is also equipped with 8- to 16-segment PID program control system which further improves the annealing quality.

In addition to the 650℃ maximum service temperature models, we have developed a series of precise glass annealing furnace with 1,200℃ maximum service temperature. This series can be applied in precise annealing of quartz glasswork such as quartz glassware, optical quartz glass, and quartz glass tube. The furnace size can be customized.

It comes with full fiber all-in-one furnace and imported SCR module controlling system, and heats with high-temperature electrothermal alloy wires or silicon carbide rods. Intelligent temperature controlling instrument with 8- to 16-segment PID program is also available. This furnace can realize automatic constant temperature control, routinization of heating process, linear scale output, and ±1℃ accuracy of temperature controlling.

The production cycle is 30 days.

Technical Speicification
Furnace Size 0.2-1.0 cubic meter
Maximum Service Temperature 1,200℃ (adjustable)
Electric Power 15-90 (kW/380V)
Heating Method 4 sides heating in furnace
Electrothermal Element Silicon carbide robs, electric furnace heating wires
Temperature Controlling Method 8- to 16-segemented PID intelligent program temperature controlling, SCR module controlling, linear scale output, manual and automatic adjustment, ±1℃ accuracy. (It can use 232 or 485 communication interface to connect to computer network)
Temperature Controlling Point 1 point
Uniformity of Furnace <±3℃
Cooling Method Natural cooling
Material of Furnace Lining Imported high-density ceramic fiber board
Precise calculation on refractive index after annealing can help to control the constants of the optical glass produced.
Model Furnace Size (mm) Electric Power (kW) Voltage (V) Maximum Temperature (℃) Controlling Method
GRT-12 L500 ×B300 ×H200 12 380 650 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-16 L600 × B350 ×H350 16 380 650 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-21 L500 × B500 ×H500 21 380 650 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-25 L600 × B500 ×H500 25 380 650 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-32 L800 × B600 ×H600 32 380 650 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-45 L1000 ×B800 ×H600 45 380 650 PID/8-16 segmented
Model Furnace Size (mm) Electric Power (kW) Voltage (V) Maximum Temperature (℃) Controlling Method
GRT-15 L500 ×B300 ×H200 15 380 1,200 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-21 L600 × B350 ×H350 21 380 1,200 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-25 L500 × B500 ×H500 25 380 1,200 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-30 L600 × B500 ×H500 30 380 1,200 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-42 L800 × B600 ×H600 42 380 1,200 PID/8-16 segmented
GRT-60 L1000 ×B800 ×H600 60 380 1,200 PID/8-16 segmented

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