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  • Crystal Glass Mosaic Tile Production LineThe crystal glass mosaic tile production line is mainly used to make plate glass with 4mm to 10mm thickness into all kinds of crystal glass mosaic tile. The monthly output can be 5,000 to 20,000 square meters. This new-generation environmental friendly product has the advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption, and high accuracy in temperature controlling.
  • Enamel Glass Mosaic Tile Production LineThe enamel glass mosaic tile production line takes plate glass cullet as raw materials to produce all kinds of enamel glass mosaic tile. The production cycle can be kept in 50 days. With our own environmental and economic design, it is equipped with intelligent temperature controlling system.
    It is composed with ball mill, vibration filter sieve, blender, mosaic sheeter ...
  • Gold Glass Mosaic Tile Production LineThe gold glass mosaic tile production line takes 120mm×120mm wavy white plate glass as the baseplate. After paving pure gold leaf or silver leaf on the surface, the baseplate is sprayed with glass powder and calcined into metal mosaic glasswork such as gold or silver glass mosaic tile. The gold glass mosaic tile is popular in Europe.
  • Sandwich Glass Production LineThe sandwich glass production line can produce bulletproof glass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall, and PVB glass. It is composed with semi-automatic plate mounter, glass cleaner and dryer, automatic combine machine, glass transition frame, semi-automatic batch-out, glass still kettle, air compressor (including refrigeration dryer and filter), and gasholder, etc.
  • Glass Hot Bending Hot Melting Production LineThe glass hot bending hot melting production line comprises of glass cleaner, shaped glass cutting machine, mesh belt electrothermal tunnel calcining kiln. Baseplate, namely 5mm to 8mm thick plate wavy glass, is heated, bent, and melted in stainless steel or fireproofing material molds into glass fruit plate, glass ashtray, and lighting glass. It can also be tempered.
  • Art Glass Picture Frame Production LineThe art glass picture frame production line mainly takes plate glass as baseplate, then heat it in high-temperature mold to melt or bent glass into art picture frame. The production cycle is 30 days.
    It is constituted of small glass cutter, hot melt picture frame mold, and 3-4 stations glass hot melt hot bent furnace.
  • Glass Bead Production LineThe glass bead production line can produce clear or colored glass hot melt bead or marble in 2mm to 20mm diameter. It is made up of blender, electric (gas) melting furnace or crucible melting furnace, and glass bead forming machine. This machinery can produce all types of glass bead in adjustable capacity with 50 days of production cycle.
  • Glass Basin Production LineThe glass basin production line is mainly used in producing clear or colored glass hot melt or hot bent basin whose diameter ranges from 300mm to 500mm. With mold forming, accurate temperature controlling, and power saving technology, it shows stable product quality and high production efficiency. The production cycle is 30 days.
  • Optical Glass Lens Production LineAs the raw material, high borosilicate glass rod are processed by this machinery into various glass lens like automotive glass lens, LOE lens, optical glass lens, and streetlight lens. The production cycle is 40 days.

Glass Production Line

We provide many production line products of our own design to facilitate large-scale production of glasswork. The production line takes plate glass as raw material. After a series of process flow, it will be made into all shapes of glass mosaic, sandwich glass, glass plate, glass frame, glass bead, and glass lens, etc.

Due to reasonable design, the glasswork produced by our glass production line has colorful appearance and good uniformity, and the color will not fade after long-term use. The lines with high power can meet your needs in time-limiting large-scale production, while normal customers can also control the power consumption to increase profits. This glass production line series adopts PID intelligent temperature control method which can achieve accuracy of ±1 degree Celsius. Customers can control the temperature remotely from the computer to realize high-quality large-scale production.

We provide instructions on installation, tuning, and practical production through video materials or on-site operation. Kiln accessories, production consumables, and stainless molds are also provided.

We are a China-based glass production line manufacturer and supplier. We also offer mesh belt glass decorating lehr, atmosphere experimental electric furnace, graphite material drying equipment, and much more.

Other Products
  • Glass Annealing FurnaceThe glass annealing furnace is designed to realize the annealing process of quartz glass, optical glass, domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot, and cup, microcrystal glass plate and other glasswork. This annealing furnace series takes advantage of uniform furnace temperature and reasonable heating speed to heat and cool glasswork.
  • Glass Decorating LehrOur glass decorating lehr is able to print pattern such as company logo on domestic glass like glass bottle and cup and art glass, and it can perform the drying on glass silk screen, glass coating, and glass spray painting. We provide instructions on installation, tuning through video materials.
    In small-scale decorating projects, customers can choose box glass decorating lehr.