Gold Glass Mosaic Tile Production Line

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Gold Glass Mosaic Tile Production Line

The gold glass mosaic tile production line takes 120mm×120mm wavy white plate glass as the baseplate. After paving pure gold leaf or silver leaf on the surface, the baseplate is sprayed with glass powder and calcined into metal mosaic glasswork such as gold or silver glass mosaic tile. The gold glass mosaic tile is popular in Europe. Thanks to its stereoscopic, elegant impression and long duration, it is applicable for luxury villas, hotels, office buildings and entertainment venues.

This gold glass mosaic tile production line is the first similar product designed independently in China. It is made up of glass cleaner, paving machine, and mesh belt electrothermal calcining kiln. Our company can provide the whole technology support and batch production. The production cycle is only 30 days.

Technical Specification
Furnace Length 18-24m, segmental
Cross Section of Furnace Mouth 0.2-0.4m (two boards or three boards)
Monthly Output 600-1,500m2
Maximum Service Temperature 750℃ (adjustable)
Electric Power 60-90 (kW/380V)
Heating Method Electric
Electric Heating Element Quartz tube combined with silicon carbide rod
Temperature Controlling Method PID intelligent digital display temperature controlling, SCR module controlling, linear scale output, manual and automatic adjustment, ±1℃ accuracy. (Computer remote controlling designable.)
Temperature Controlling Point 6-8 points
Driving Method 304 stainless steel mesh belt
Mesh Belt Speed Controlling 1 grades frequency conversion speed regulation

We is a professional gold glass mosaic tile production line manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including mesh belt glass decorating lehr, graphite material drying equipment, box experimental electric furnace, and much more.

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