Glass Furnace, Glass Machinery Manufacturer

We is a professional furnace manufacturer in China. We supply our quality glass furnace, experimental electric furnace, ceramic kiln, rare earth kiln, furnace accessories and drying equipment to customers around the world. We can provide customers with a complete glass production line for manufacturing crystal glass, enamel glass, gold glass, sandwich glass, glass basin, and optical glass lens.
  • Enamel Glass Mosaic Tile Production Line
  • Enamel Glass Mosaic Tile Production LineThe enamel glass mosaic tile production line takes plate glass cullet as raw materials to produce all kinds of enamel glass mosaic tile. The production cycle can be kept in 50 days. With our own environmental and economic design, it is equipped with intelligent temperature controlling system.
    It is composed with ball mill, vibration filter sieve, blender, mosaic sheeter, chromatographic proofing furnace, and roller electrothermal tunnel calcining kiln.
  • Mesh Belt Glass Annealing Furnace
  • Mesh Belt Glass Annealing FurnaceThe mesh belt glass annealing furnace is applicable to the first annealing and second stress relief annealing after reprocessing of domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot, and cup and lighting glass. The furnace measures 6m to 40m long. The maximum service temperature is 650℃.
    With the unique mesh belt drive mechanism, the service life of mesh belt is extended. The new thermal insulation material and PID intelligent temperature control system ...
  • Fuel Gas Glass Annealing Furnace
  • Fuel Gas Glass Annealing FurnaceThe fuel gas glass annealing furnace is mainly applied in the first annealing of domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot and cup and lighting glass, and it can also be used in the continuous hot bending hot melting of lighting glass and glass fruit plate. The length of furnace ranges from 18m to 60m, and the maximum service temperature is 850℃.
    With our unique drive mechanism, the mesh belt can operate stably in long term.
  • Mesh Belt Glass Decorating Lehr
  • Mesh Belt Glass Decorating LehrThe mesh belt glass decorating lehr is suitable for continuous large-scale production of high-temperature logo printing and metal printing and low-temperature glass paint drying for domestic glass such as glass bottle and cup and art glass. The whole lehr measures 18m to 60m. It has maximum service temperature of 650℃ and production cycle of 30 to 40 days.
  • Glass Hot Bending Hot Melting Production Line
  • Glass Hot Bending Hot Melting Production LineThe glass hot bending hot melting production line comprises of glass cleaner, shaped glass cutting machine, mesh belt electrothermal tunnel calcining kiln. Baseplate, namely 5mm to 8mm thick plate wavy glass, is heated, bent, and melted in stainless steel or fireproofing material molds into glass fruit plate, glass ashtray, and lighting glass. It can also be tempered.
    This multi-functional furnace can realize accurate temperature control ...
  • Vacuum Glass Strengthening Furnace
  • Vacuum Glass Strengthening Furnace The vacuum glass strengthening furnace can produce shift door glass, tempered glass, and art glass. The laminated material in dry-press process can be EVA, silk, fabric, and photo paper. The glass and materials like EVA films and photo papers are put in silicone vacuum bags, then heated and vacuumized simultaneously.
    The production cycle is 30 to 40 days.
  • Crucible Electrothermal Glass Melting Furnace
  • Crucible Electrothermal Glass Melting FurnaceWith high production flexibility, it can produce all kinds of glasswork. The maximum service temperature is 1,450℃, and the production cycle is 60 days.
    Due to the high-temperature silicon molybdenum electrothermal element and low-voltage input, operation on the kiln is absolutely safe. It uses special crucible for clay. The capacity is 30kg to 500kg, melting temperature is under 1,450℃, and melting cycle is 8h to 72h.
  • Box Experimental Electric Furnace
  • Box Experimental Electric FurnaceThe furnace is made of ceramic fiber. With small heat capacity and fast heating speed, it takes only 30 minutes to get to the set temperature. This furnace is easy and safe to operate, and the temperature controlling accuracy is ±1ºC. The heating element is high-temperature resistance wire which is shallow buried in the furnace wall to form heating board. It also adopts a new type of furnace lining material which helps to improve the heat efficiency.
  • Atmosphere Experimental Electric Furnace
  • Atmosphere Experimental Electric FurnaceThe atmosphere experimental electric furnace is a modified box experimental electric furnace. Protective gas is conveyed through pipelines to fulfill the whole furnace. The furnace is made of ceramic fiber. It is characterized by small heat capacity, fast heating speed, easy and safe operation, and high temperature controlling accuracy (±1ºC).
    With the intelligent digital display programmable temperature controlling instrument ...

Our corporate property covers 50,000 square meters, with 25,000 square meters of building area, we have 230 employees, and we have fixed assets of 50 million CNY. Sunny Furnace has become a leader in the industry, and we maintain our position in the field by continuing to evolve and expand. We attend industry academic forums and exhibitions annually, and we have formed cooperative relationships with many research institutions, universities, and colleges.

Founded in 2003, our company has accumulated over a decade of experience in the furnace industry. We have assembled a team of talented electrical engineers, kiln designers, mechanical engineers, and technicians who are devoted to advancing the design concept and the practical production process. With ISO quality system certification, we have also been granted independent import and export rights. Thus, our international customers can feel secure in purchasing our CE certified glass furnace, ceramic kiln, and drying equipment.

Located in the Yangtze River Delta, we are within two hours of the international ports of Shanghai and Nantong, and we are four hours from the ports of Ningbo and Lianyungang. We are also only 40 minutes from one of the largest logistics centers in the entire country. With such geographical advantages, our high quality and affordable glass production line, electric furnace, and ceramic kiln products are easily exported to Japan, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Italy, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, India, Bahrain, Iran, Bengal, Taiwan, and more.

The culmination of years of effort, we now have a seasoned team specialized in overseas marketing, designing, implementation, and service. No matter where you are, we can provide you with reliable, top quality products and perfect service.